Miks ma küll selle artikli siia riputasin? Ja sidusin organisatsioonide ning policinguga? Ei teagi. On mingu “tunne”, et nii organisatsioonidest kui policingust rääkides sageli alahinnatakse võrgustike võimaluste mõistmise olulisust. Ja siinviidatud artikkel on veel sellepärast huvitav, et pakub veidi teistsugust vaadet, mis võib kanoonilise perspektiivi toetajaid üllatada.
Ja siiski, autor juhatab ka otse organisatsioonide ja võrgustikeprobleemide juurde:

Governance theories have turned to ‘network governance’ as a new form of public management that would respond to the failures of new public management as well as it would be more powerful in managing the rising level of diversity and complexity (Bevir, 2010; Kooiman, 2013).

Artikli eesmärk on ambitsioonikas:

The article, thus, does not attempt to deliver a full-fledged account of ‘the network paradigm’, neither in descriptive nor in explanatory terms. Rather, it chooses a case study to explore some paths that further research might follow to understand how network arguments diffused, transforming social theories and practices. Here, analysing Foucault’s work is a good starting point, because his conceptual innovations have developed a massive impact, disseminating the network perspective into a vast range of social, political and cultural inquiry.

Mida see artikkel siis pakub?

As I demonstrated, cybernetic metaphors and arguments are present in Foucault’s writings. This is relevant because deciphering the impact of cybernetics expands a new, still not sufficiently investigated perspective on his work.

Ja veel märgib autor:

In general, Foucault strongly argued against representative political institutions, such as universal intellectuals or political parties. Parties, he maintained, are typically modern organization that want to integrate the subject, submitting it to defend positions it does not hold (e.g. Foucault, 1994, IV, pp. 51, 746).

See viimane märkus on huvitav just kriitilise teooria perspektiivist. Miks? Uurige järele.

August, V. (2021). Network concepts in social theory: Foucault and cybernetics. European Journal of Social Theory. https://doi.org/10.1177/1368431021991046