Küsimused sellest, kas või millisel moel avaldab Covid19 kriisiga kaasnev mõju erinevatele teoreetilistele käsitlustele, ei ole väga uus, kuid organisatsiooni- ja juhtimise väljal siiski mitte väga palju kajastust leidnud. Sestap see lugu siin oma koha leidis. Ja kuna artikli eetos on lahutamatult seotud teadmistega, siis seon selle märksõnaloendis ka hariduse valdkonnaga. Õppimiskohti võib siit leida erinevate valdkondade lugeja.


Just a few months into the unprecedented global coronavirus crisis, the World Economic Forum (WEF) rolled out its Great Reset initiative. […] The key message streamed live on the WEF website that day was that “we” “can seize something good from this crisis” if we realize that “our systems need a reset.” The crisis could open a “unique but narrow window” for the design of systems that put people and planet before profit and harness the momentum of the fourth industrial revolution for a more sustainable and equitable recovery.

Artikli ambitsioon:

This article, in six parts, aims to articulate the broader social-theoretical context and pinpoint implications for management and organization theory “of what might be the biggest structural revolution in business and society since the end of World War II”

Õppimine minevikust ja väljakutse teoreetilistele perspektiividele:

too narrow a focus on one or few macro trends might result in reductionist visions of society and that a particular theory’s predilection for certain social systems may correspond more with some epochs than with others. […] The question, therefore, is whether management and organization theory are well prepared to reflect on rather than just mirror such epochal transitions.



Lugemishuvi äratamiseks üks järeldustest:

Without the multifunctional update proposed in this article, our theories would remain blind to both the broader and the daily challenges of management and organization and doomed to ride rather than analyze the macro social trends that shape organizations and their environments. […] The lesson learned from Foucault would imply that all the new or enlarged vaccine factories, and research labs, and all the new professors of virology, pharmaceutics, epidemiology, public health, and health care management will find new problems they can solve. They cannot help it. They are trained for this, just like we are trained for our jobs.

Roth, S. (2021). The great reset of management and organization theory. A European perspective. European Management Journal