Ajakiri Group & Organization Management on organisatsioonihuvilistele tuttav, selles ei ole kahtlust. Nii kõrgetasemelise ajakirja peatoimetajad ei vahetu just sageli ja sellise vahetusega kaasnevad teatud sõnumid. Siinviidatu leidiski oma koha põhjusel, et huvilisel on võimalik heita pilk meile avatud kitsast perspektiivist ühe ajakirja fookusele, põhimõtetele, tempole ja saada vihjeid kirjutamiseks-publitseerimiseks.


“Thomas Zagenczyk, the outgoing Editor-in-Chief, left me a healthy line of manuscripts (close to 100) which were in different stages of the submission system. Moreover, in my short time as incoming Editor-inChief, manuscripts continued to pour in, just north of 100 in just under five months.” (Griep, 2022, p. 1)

Julgustuseks kirjutajatele!

“Through reading these papers, through publishing (and getting rejected) my own research in the journal (Griep, Germeys, & Kraak, 2021), and through being a reviewer, editorial board member, and Senior Associate Editor on Tom Zagenczyk’s team, I came to identify quite strongly with GOM and noticed that our community of GOMmers (that is right, it is a term now, I coined it) continues to grow exponentially.” (Griep, 2022, page 1-2)

Konstruktiivne hoiak:

“Even when desk rejecting manuscript, we strive to provide detailed feedback on how you can further improve your manuscript within a few days after submission. We do realize that receiving desk rejections is never a fun experience” (Griep, 2022, p. 2)

Soovitused autorile …

“When submitting a GOM Now short paper, we ask you to do the following: (1) clearly state the problem/question of interest and why that topic is important from a practical point of view,” (Griep, 2022, p. 4)

Toimetajate meeskond

“In addition to our team of Senior Associate Editors, we have also expanded our team to 41 Associate Editors.” (Griep, 2022, p. 7)


“I want to extent a heartfelt thank you to all of you—readers, reviewers, and authors of GOM—without you there would not even be a journal.” (Griep, 2022, p. 9)

Griep, Y. (2022). Greetings from the New Editor: Directions for Group & Organization Management. Group & Organization Management, 1–11. https://doi.org/10.1177/10596011221115980