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trust can also have undesirable and even detrimental consequences for organizations […] We suggest that distrust plays a critical role in potentially diminishing undesirable consequences of trust by highlighting negative potentialities. […] The roles and interplay of trust and distrust are especially critical in contexts where highly interdependent firms cooperate in continuously changing constellations to produce so-called complex products and systems (CoPS).

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We conducted an exploratory case study on the interplay between trust and distrust in project-based collaborations in the Swedish robotics and automation industry, where many challenges of interorganizational collaboration in CoPS projects are apparent. Our analysis reveals that trust and distrust operate through distinct cognitive and behavioral mechanisms and each orients firms differently.


Distrust involves appraising, which prompts firms to consider negative potentialities, not only of partner behavior, but also regarding interdependencies within the broader network. […] Distrust also involves safeguarding: controlling through contracts, clarifying role expectations and responsibilities, and securing the firm’s interests.

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our research has highlighted the importance of process- and context-sensitive studies in capturing interorganizational relationships’ inherent relational complexities, which has implications for the broader body of research on interorganizational relationships.

Kostis, A., Bengtsson, M., & Näsholm, M. H. (2021). Mechanisms and Dynamics in the Interplay of Trust and Distrust: Insights from Project-based Collaboration. Organization Studies, 01708406211040215.