Mis on individuaalne ökosüsteem?

Because individuals can sometimes shape their own context, they may experience a social context that is distinct from the shared environment that is experienced by others within the same group, team, or organization. We call these person-specific contexts personal ecosystems.

Oluline täpsustus:

We are not just making the constructivist argument that individuals shape how others react to them—they certainly do—but rather that, for some people, their behaviors are so strong and consistent that they trigger reactions from others that are also strong and consistent. That is, they trigger reactions that are so pervasive as to create a personal environment (ecosystem) for themselves, rather than the mosaic of varied dyadic experiences that one would expect from a constructivist view.

Mõned järeldused:

First, acknowledging the existence of personal ecosystems can stimulate individuals to analyze whether the dysfunctional or toxic social environment that they experience is selftriggered or other-triggered. […] Second, it is essential to understand what types of behaviors are more likely to generate personal ecosystems, since only then can we identify ways to improve the situation. […] Third, the false belief – by both actor and targets – that their experience of the environment is shared may lead to overconfidence about the nature of the team climate that reinforces and even strengthens the personal ecosystem.

Friedman, R., & Olekalns, M. (2021). From shared climate to personal ecosystems: Why some people create unique environments. Organizational Psychology Review. https://doi.org/10.1177/20413866211013415