Kogukonnale keskendumine, inimesekesksus jms märksõnad … ongi sageli märksõnad. Riigi (politsei) ja tsiviilühiskonna liikumiste väljaastumisi nähakse sageli antagonistlikena. Ometi on ka teisi võimalusi.
Siin üks sotsioloogiavaldkonna artikkel, kus konteksti avamisel märgitakse muuhulgas:

The conventional view is thus that social movement actors exist outside of the state and mobilise extra-institutional resources due to their exclusion from institutionalised channels of power.

Autor seab eesmärgiks:

In this article, I examine both types of social movement activity. I show how neoconservative think tanks and counter-extremism civil society organisations alongside governmental counter-terrorism actors form an ‘enforcement network’ (Cunningham et al., 2019) enabling the Prevent counter-terrorism programme as a distinct form of political repression. Moving beyond a ‘challenger versus authority’ conception of social movement activity, my analysis shows three ways in which political mobilisation is located within and around the state.

Kokkuvõttes järeldab autor muuhulgas:

Rather than consider the state as simply a reactive or even unitary actor, we can observe from this case, how a group of state actors are proactively involved in forms of extra-institutional activity to further a set of ideological objectives. […] Rather than see civil society as some kind of counterbalance to state power, civil society is utilised for the purposes of advancing state capacity in counter-terrorism.

… ja esitab sisendi edaspidiseks:

Para-statal agencies described in this article are not subject to democratic accountability and therefore, cannot have their actions restrained by formal rules that govern state actors’ practice. I have demonstrated that this has resulted in a broadening of the counterterrorism remit with the impact of repressing Muslim political activism. In light of these findings, we need to consider how to regulate security policy formation and implementation to secure democratic principles as well as adding complexity to our understanding of the relationship between state actors and social movements.

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Massoumi, N. (2021). The Role of Civil Society in Political Repression: The UK Prevent Counter-Terrorism Programme. Sociology. https://doi.org/10.1177/0038038521996977