Organisatsioone ja juhtimist puudutavas erialakirjanduses on töötajate heaolu aspektid kajastust leidnud eriti viimastel kümnenditel. Samal ajal kohtab taimse järjekindlusega arvamusi, mis seavad töötajate heaolu ja töösoorituse seosed kahtluse alla. Tõsi, sageli ilma argumentatsioonita.

Siinses artiklis märgivad autorid konteksti avamisel muuhulgas:

Since the 2008 financial crisis, pressure at work to achieve ambitious levels of productivity has intensified, leading to a decline in both employee well-being and performance […] well-being remains a vague concept that requires further clarification.

Artikli ambitsioon:

we aim to put forward a new and more comprehensive conceptualization of well-being that takes into account Grant’s assumptions by looking at happiness at work (HAW) (psychological well-being, including hedonic and eudaimonic aspects), exhaustion (physical well-being), and trust (social well-being). In doing this, we contribute to the conceptualization of well-being in two ways: by considering these three dimensions and by introducing the concept of HAW.


this research aims to make inroads into unexplored mechanisms and contingencies, whereby WBHRM positively affects both wellbeing and performance


practices that are employee-centered, are expected to increase well-being, though there is a need to find evidence of their effects on employees.

Mõned järeldused:

this study not only looked at positive employee outcomes of WBHRM, but also included potential negative health outcomes such as exhaustion […] Both HRM and leadership contribute to a more motivated and productive workforce, yet they can interact in different ways: leadership has an influence through the leader at individual or group level, while HRM has a greater effect via systems and processes. […] Our study supports the reasoning that engaging leadership acts as a job resource (Nikolova et al., 2019), by satisfying the basic psychological needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness for the healthy functioning of employees.

Salas‐Vallina, A., Alegre, J., & López‐Cabrales, Á. (2021). The challenge of increasing employees’ well‐being and performance: How human resource management practices and engaging leadership work together toward reaching this goal. Human Resource Management.