Paistab – ja teenitult! -, et teooria saab järjest enam tähelepanud (vt ka siit).

Any definition of theory, including the one we elaborate in this paper, is, of course, partly epistemological and partly political-practical, reflecting as well as supporting interests, ambitions, privileges and rewards. In this paper, we aim for a broader, more pluralistic, and inclusive understanding of theory than just explanatory knowledge and try, as far as possible, to hold back idiosyncratic preferences and pushing for a sectional agenda.

Autorid esitavad viiese tüpoloogia teooria tüüpidest.

Siinviidatud artikkel on ilmselt üks selliseid, millest organisatsiooniuuringutes on tulevikus raske mööda hiilida.

Sandberg, J., & Alvesson, M. (2021). Meanings of theory: clarifying theory through typification. Journal of Management Studies (58:2)