Tänavabürokraatia on valdkond, millest möödavaatamine avalikes organisatsioonides, oleks lihtsalt ettevalmistus ebaõnnestumiseks. Siinviidatu on kirjandusülevaade tänavabürokraatiast avaliku juhtimise valdkonnas. Tekst võiks paljutki pakkuda kõikidele organisatsioonihuvilistele, tänavabürokraatia valdkonda sisse lugemisel aga ka tudengitele-uurijatele kirjandusülevaate koostamiseks.


Within this accumulating body of literature, some focal points have emerged: some scholars investigated the discretion of street-level bureaucrats as agents of the state (Maynard-Moody and Musheno 2000); other scholars concentrated on how street-level bureaucrats implement policies and influence organizational outcomes (Brewer 2005; May and Winter 2009).


Lipsky’s initial argument that street-level bureaucrats are important participants in the policy process was quite guarded. He felt, for example, that bureaucratic discretion resulted from coping with administrative dilemmas rather than from bureaucrats’ own self-directed values and preferences. Nonetheless, Lipsky made it abundantly clear that discretion exists and that it is inevitable, leaving future scholars to grope with the implications.

Ülevaate ajalised piirid:

To this end, we conduct a systematic review of street-level bureaucracy in public administration from 1980 to 2019.

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

The topic is more often used as a lens for scholarly inquiry – that is, as a setting or context for public administration research into other topics – rather than as a signature theme. […] We believe Lipsky’s influential perspective on street-level bureaucracy should be considered a tentative rather than a fixed framework. His portrait of street-level bureaucracy is embedded in the general context of complex policies, needful clients, and scarce resources. […] In practice, street-level bureaucrats not only interact with citizens, but also with managers, politicians, and other stakeholders who may have conflicting preferences.

Chang, A., & Brewer, G. A. (2022). Street-Level bureaucracy in public administration: A systematic literature review. Public Management Review, 1-21.