Siinviidatu on selle uudiste kogunemise voos ilmselt üks lühemaid tekste, kuid see ei tee seda kuidagi halvemaks. Rassism (ja seksism) ei ole ainult roiskunud kapitalismi ilming – see ilmutab ennast iga päev ilma puhkepäevi ja riigipühi pidamata. Sestap see lugu siinses voos.

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Executive Order 13950—Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping threatened to seriously restrict (1) federal diversity trainings (e.g., for those in uniformed service, universities, and health care corporations) and (2) federal research funding that addressed structural racism, implicit bias, or sexism. Executive Order 13950 (EO 13950) was signed by former president Trump on September 22, 2020; halted on December 22, 2020, due to multiple lawsuits (Abrahams et al., 2020); and revoked by President Biden on January 20, 2021—his Inauguration Day (The White House, 2021). Such starkly different responses by the two presidential administrations should give us pause and encourage us to continue questioning the intentions behind decisions made by our leaders.

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Data from college students, corporate leadership, and professionals in the justice system suggest trainings that promote awareness and concern about one’s implicit biases meaningfully impact attitudes, knowledge, and empathy toward people from different racial backgrounds

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People can reduce or change implicit racial biases and related behavior by slowing down their decision-making processes (Eberhardt, 2020) and by viewing media in which racial groups are represented in ways that counter their typical stereotypic presentations (Lai et al., 2014). Research among health care providers demonstrates that providers’ levels of implicit bias can be changed through intervention and are significantly related to improved patient health (Hall et al., 2015; Zestcott et al., 2016).

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The data are clear. Structural racism exists and has dire consequences, particularly for Black and Indigenous communities […] Research demonstrates that promising trainings and interventions could meaningfully contribute to more equitable systems-level care (Bailey et al., 2017) and a more prosperous economy (Turner, 2016).

Fix, R. L. (2021). Pernicious executive order 13950 revoked, yet structural racism looms large. Leadership.