Rassism, seksism, homofoobia, ksenofoobia jms ei ole võõrad ilmselt kusagil ja tegemist on pigem küsimusega, kus keegi või miski sellel nendel skaaladel paikneb. Siinviidatu on küll USA andmestikul, kuid leidis oma koha siiski põhjusel, et teksti lugemisel ilmusid vaimusilma ette praktikad, mida võib kohata ka Eestis avalikus ruumis, sh siinse kodulehe peamistes fookusvaldkondades.
Kuidas see tekst mulle üldse silma jäi? Põhjus on lihtne: jälgin Elizabeth A. Shanahan’i avaldamisi.

Konteksti avamisel sisenevad autorid esimese lausega kohe teemasse, keerutamata:

Like many other infectious diseases, COVID-19 has had disparate impacts on communities of color throughout the United States, with Black individuals experiencing substantially higher exposure, illness, and death rates than White individuals. A root cause of these trends is structural racism, which has permeated our medical, social, and economic systems since before the United States was a country. […] Present-day explanations for racial disparities in COVID-19 outcomes continue to echo debunked racist theories that blame and pathologize communities of color.


The persistence of racism lies not only in interpersonal attitudes of White superiority, but also in systems and structures that, throughout time, continue to legitimize racism and uphold inequity.

Kolm uurimisküsimust:

  1. Are there differences in exposure to COVID-19 risk across racial/ethnic groups?
  2. Are there differences in COVID-19 risk mitigation behaviors across racial/ethnic groups?
  3. Are there differences in COVID-19 experiences and perceived risks across racial/ethnic groups?

Mõned järeldused:

Our findings showed statistically significant differences across racial/ethnic groups across multiple factors that can affect exposure to COVID-19. […] we found that older, more highly educated, and politically liberal respondents were more likely to report maintaining the prescribed distance. Multivariate results indicated significant racial/ethnic differences in the proportion of respondents reporting that they always wore a mask in indoor public spaces.

… ja väga tõsine seisukoht:

In the face of clear and centuries-old evidence showing that structural racism is killing Americans, our longstanding reticence to accept this evidence and take appropriate action is inexcusable. Although addressing structural racism as the root cause of COVID-19 and other health and social disparities is a difficult and long-range task, Americans are capable of bold action where the will exists. Failure to take this action is a choice, and our nation’s health security for all hangs in the balance.

Dickinson, K. L., Roberts, J. D., Banacos, N., Neuberger, L., Koebele, E., Blanch-Hartigan, D., & Shanahan, E. A. (2021). Structural Racism and the covid-19 Experience in the United States. Health security.