Kasulik kogumik lugemiseks. Veenva argumentatsiooniga huvitavad järeldused nii uurijale kui juhtidele.

“our overview points to persevering and innovating as potentially effective strategic responses to crisis in the medium and long(er) run, respectively. Both types of responses, however, essentially build on the availability of slack resources, whether internally or externally, which may become scarce rather quickly in times of crisis. In the wake of the corona crisis, governments seem to have understood this, as they increasingly implement measures such as interim financing, reduced hours compensation, and fiscal stimulus packages to support firms (e.g., FAZ, 2020; Stein, DeBonis, Werner, & Kane, 2020). For managers, this implies making use of the public support structures in place (see also Fainshmidt, Smith, & Judge, 2016; Landau, Karna, Richter, & Uhlenbruck, 2016) in order to accumulate the slack resources needed to persevere or innovate.”

Wenzel, M., Stanske, S., & Lieberman, M. B. (2020). Strategic responses to crisis. Strategic Management Journal