Strateegilised otsused on organisatsioonide valdkonnas midagi sellist, mille vajalikkust kahtluse alla seada on keerukas. Siinviidatud vabalevis olev tekst sisaldab paljugi huvitavat, kuid see leidis oma koha hoopis põhjusel, et on üles ehitatud ja kirjutatud veidi erinevalt, võrreldes organisatsioonide n-ö peavoolus levivate tekstidega.


Decision-making is one of the most important functions of managers in any kind of organization (Nooraie, 2012). It is central managerial activity in all types of business organizations; large and small, for profit and not – profit, private and public (Elbanna & Child, 2007).

Mis on otsustamine:

Decision making involves an act of identifying and ably selecting among an arr ay of alternatives based on the inclination (Harris, 2009). Decision making includes variety of processes that are all intermediate steps between thought and action which are the precursors to behavior (Talley, 2011).


This paper adopted a qualitative research design which entailed a critical review of literature on the effect of strategic decision making on organizational performance and the role strategic communication plays in this relationship.

Strateegilise otsustamise protsess:

Strategic decision-making is defined as an organized process of information gathering, processing and evaluating it is a part of the process of transferring knowledge and information into the administrative activities (Ghaliah, 2015).

Strateegiline kommunikatsioon:

Strategic communication is largely about messaging for effects (Eyre & Littleton, 2012). Strategic communication as it is viewed as a production and distribution function where strategies and decisions are made towards achieving the organisation’s objectives (Falkheimer, 2014).

Organisatsiooni sooritus:

Organizational performance may be defined as an analysis of a company’s performance as compared to its goals and objectives (Osman et al., 2017).

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

The factors between strategic decision-makings and organization performance will be incorporated as such decision support system these factors will be the catalyst between strategic decision-makings and organization performance. There is evidence of significant relationship between strategic communication and firm performance.

Bonnyventure, S. N., Bwonya, J. E., Owuori, P. J., Mudany, J. O., & Ogutu, M. (2022). The Nexus Between Strategic Decision-Making, Strategic Communication and Organizational Performance: A Critical Literature Review. Journal of Strategic Management6(3).