Siin jälle üks tekst, mis võiks kandideerida magistriõppes metoodika ja/või organisatsioone puudutavate kursuste seminaritekstiks ning kõikidele juhtidele-poliitikakujundajatele enne ametisse astumist läbitöötamiseks. Tegemist on tekstiga, mis erakordselt lihtsalt ja ilmekalt näitab teooria olulisust nii juhtidele, uurijatele, poliitikakujundajatele kui tudengitele. Tekst on vabalevis ja seetõttu pikki kommentaare ei vaja.


In a 1992 interview, political strategist James Carville provided a simple answer to the very complex question of what would win Bill Clinton’s US Presidential campaign: “It’s the economy, stupid” (“It’s the Economy, Stupid,” 2021). Extrapolating from Carville’s statement, we argue that the number one and most important reason why research is meaningful and makes a useful and valuable contribution is theory.

Autorid sõnastavad kuus küsimust:

Our goal is to answer the following six questions about theory and its role: (1) Why is theory so critical and for whom? (2) what does a good theory look like? (3) what does it mean to have too much or too many theories? (4) when don’t we need a theory? (5) how does falsification work with theory? and (6) is good theory compatible with current publication pressures?

Mis on teooria?

In our view, theory is essentially just a fancy word for, “Do we understand what’s going on?”

Teooria on kriitiliselt vajalik juhtidele:

Yet, theories are critical for managers because they are not only useful, but also usable. This means that the insights a theory provides include information on factors that affect dysfunctional turnover—and these are factors that the manager can actually influence (Cronin et al., 2021).

Teooria tudengitele:

Theories are critical because they help students understand how to think about organizational problems in more accurate ways. Theories should encompass collections of validated findings that are woven into credible explanations for how and why organizational phenomena operate. Thus, they provide the frameworks for thinking about business problems.

Poliitikakujundajate ja teadlaste osa jätan siit välja. Et oleks motivatsioon lugemiseks.

Milleks teooriat vaja on?

A theory should provide an explanation for why something has happened, and also should allow us to predict what will happen. […] Theory is critical because it provides the basis for understanding whatever it is we are trying to manage (i.e., improve), understand (i.e., study), or govern.

Kas “vabas looduses” võib leiduda kedagi, kellel ei ole teooriat vaja?

In closing, theories are critical for anyone seeking to explain, predict, and influence what happens in organizations. So, theory is really what matters the most to both knowledge creators and knowledge users.

Aguinis, H., & Cronin, M. A. (2022). It’s the Theory, Stupid. Organizational Psychology Review, 20413866221080629.