Politsei rinnakaamerate positiivsed eetosed on seotud nii politseitegevuse läbipaistvuse suurendamise, asjakohaste tõendite kogumise kui ka näiteks indiviidi ja organisatsiooni üldise arenguga. Siinviidatu vabalevis olev tekst lisab veel vähemalt ühe dimensiooni: rinnakaamerate salvestistel olevate sündmuste kaudu on võimalik mõista sügavamalt politseikultuuri.


Makin et al. (2020) demonstrate that BWC footage enables researchers to contextualize outcomes of police–citizen encounters and other social events of interest. Thus, BWCs offer utility for performance monitoring to assess adherence to various policing policies, including policies around procedural justice.

Autorite ambitsioon:

Updated policies compel officers to engage in a range of activities falling within a procedural justice framework during interactions with civilians. This study, an outgrowth of an applied partnership between the research team and the NPD, uses BWCs as a performance monitoring tool to measure police officer adherence to these updated policies.

Ambitsiooni aluse mõistmiseks üks täpsem sihistus:

scholars have emphasized a distinction between perceptions of fairness and actual officer actions—the latter of which is much more easily articulated in policing policies, more amenable to direct observation by a third party, and less influenced by the personal biases of the targets (Braga et al., 2014; McCluskey et al., 2019). […] when the public views agents of the law unfavorably, the ability of such agents to maintain social order is lost (Kirk & Matsuda, 2011), and police officers who subscribe to a police culture in alignment with more unjust practices are more likely to use force (Terrill et al., 2003).

Vihjed lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

Study results demonstrate that, in many cases, no reason was provided to the suspect as to why the officer was on the scene. […] officers often did not attempt to answer questions posed by suspects unless suspects persisted in their inquiries.

Sytsma, V. A., Piza, E. L., Chillar, V. F., & Grossman, L. S. (2021). Measuring Procedural Justice Policy Adherence During Use of Force Events: The Body-Worn Camera as a Performance Monitoring Tool. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 32(9), 938–959. https://doi.org/10.1177/08874034211021894