Töötervishoiualaseid tekste ei kohta siin lehel just sageli. Siinviidatu leidis oma koha peamiselt põhjustel, et on vabalevis (st kõikidele vabalt lugemiseks kättesaadav) ja käsitleb spetsiifilise politseivaldkonna tööeripärade mõju tervisele. Lisaks on huvitav lugeda politseivaldkonna välise väljaande stiili.


However, police officers additionally face challenging situations as part of their job description and also experience violence, threats and harassment from the public [6–9] more frequently than average professionals [10]. For example, in the Swedish police force, 36% of work-related accidents are related to threats and violence [10].


Furthermore, physical environmental characteristics such as wearing body armour [13] or sitting in a patrol car [14] have been found to impact patrolling police officers’ health.

Autorid fokuseerivad:

This review defines a patrolling police officer as a uniformed officer engaged in patrol duty while being in daily communication with the public. […] Thus, the aim of the present study is twofold, to explore life contexts of patrolling police officers in the European Union (EU), and to investigate how their lives and health are affected by environmental characteristics within these contexts.

Töö ja eraelu lahushoidmisest:

Police officers’ environments consist of high stress and high strain contexts [1,3,38], which have been found to affect both their health [2], but also their private life [39].

Erinevad tasandid:

Organizational factors comprise police culture, leadership issues and interpersonal trust [11,40], low work-related social support and high job strain [41], high job demands [11], or a lack of communication or support at work [42]. Personal factors include a sense of self-efficacy, emotional skills and disillusionment regarding the job description [40].

Vihje lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

The present review has identified and summarised life contexts of patrolling police officers in the EU from the perspective of the environmental model in MOHO. It has also highlighted 20 years of peer-reviewed literature on the different environmental qualities that affect patrolling police officers’ life and health, mainly from their working life.

Granholm Valmari, E., Ghazinour, M., Nygren, U., & Gilenstam, K. (2022). Exploring the life contexts of patrolling police officers in the European Union–A scoping review. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1-19.