Õppimise ja võimu vahekord politseiorganisatsiooni näitel tasub lugemist. Ja millises ajakirjas publitseeritud!

Splitting into sides that privilege opposing elements of binary divides (between, for example, power and resistance, compliance and resistance, free agency and structural determinism) is a com- mon feature in analyses of power, and dialectical approaches have been used elsewhere in manage- ment and organization studies to address this issue and explore the richness of power relations (e.g. Benson, 1977; Bristow et al., 2017; Collinson, 2005; Mumby, 2005; Ybema et al., 2019). We bring the dialectical focus on complexity, tensions and contradictions in power dynamics to the analysis of organizational learning. We do so by starting from the view of learning practices as embedded in power relations that enable, facilitate or obstruct them (Contu and Willmott, 2003; Coopey and Burgoyne, 2000) to approach learning in organizations as inherently and inevitably political.

Õppimine on alati seotud võimusuhetega organisatsioonis.

We view organizational learning as part of organizational dynamics that comprise individual, group and organizational phenomena (Crossan et al., 1999; Vince 2001), and of which power and politics are a pervasive and endemic feature (Lawrence et al., 2005; Vince, 2001). From this perspective, organizational learning processes are always embedded in power relations, from which they cannot be separated, and which can enable, facilitate or obstruct them in a variety of ways (Contu and Willmott, 2003; Coopey and Burgoyne, 2000).

Overall, through our dialectical approach organizational learning emerges as neither a panacea nor a curse, but as at once an object, a means and an arena of complex organizational politics.

Kui õnnestuks politsei(organisatsiooni) õppekavad sidustada ja sisustada organisatsiooni kui erinevate poliitiliste areenide ja allsüsteemide võrgustiku loogikatega, oleks ehk suurem tõenäosus adekvaatselt vastata keerukatele turvalisusprobleemidele ning luua kontekst õppivaks ja innovaatiliseks organisatsiooniks.

Bristow, A., Tomkins, L., & Hartley, J. (2021). A dialectical approach to the politics of learning in a major city police organization. Management Learning. https://doi.org/10.1177/1350507621991996