Kestlik areng on tõusnud paljudes organisatsioonides juhtide agendas kõrgele kohale ning olemasolev organisatsioon nõuab sageli ümberkujundust. Sarnaseid muutuseid on lähiminevik varemgi pakkunud (nt IT arengud), kuid kopeerida midagi võimalik ei ole. Tuleb olla ettevaatlik preskriptiivse loomuga parimatest praktikatega ning mõtestada neid deskriptiivselt, sest siis on lootust õppida.

Tekst võiks huvi pakkuda suurele hulgale lugejatele nii vahetult organisatsioonidega seotud kui paljudele teistele, sest otsustamise ja disaini küsimustest pole pääsu kellelgi.


“When browsing through any recent business newspaper, management journal, or website of a professional services provider, chances are you will come across yet another survey demonstrating that “sustainability” has risen toward the top of the executive agenda.” (Vantrappen and Wagemans, 2022, p. 1)

Organisatsioonidisain nõuab teadmisi ja hoolikat läbimõtlemist.

“This requires carefully defining and assigning the roles and responsibilities for carrying out the activities required to implement the company’s sustainability strategy.” (Vantrappen and Wagemans, 2022, p. 1)

Disainivalikutel on järjekord oluline.

“Once the organization’s design choices in these primary areas have been made, secondary choices – for example regarding business processes, performance indicators, staff profiles, team size, and management systems – can be made more easily.” (Vantrappen and Wagemans, 2022, p. 3)

Autorid pakuvad kombinatsiooni kahest kesksest aspektist.

“We offer a framework to help managers make design choices for their company’s Sustainability organization. The framework is derived from the combination of two sets of considerations: 1. Sustainability focus: The substantive focus of the company’s sustainability agenda. 2. Organizational philosophy: The principles by which the company is organized in general.” (Vantrappen and Wagemans, 2022, p. 3)

Keskne dilemma paljude oluliste valikute langetamisel – kes ja kus vastutab?

“As a more general example, consider a company in the “customer solutions”/“portfolio” segment of the grid. Rather than having a heavyweight CSO in the top management team, it may be advised to distribute and strengthen capabilities in each of the business lines so that their product roadmaps and supply chains better address, for example, zero-waste opportunities.” (Vantrappen and Wagemans, 2022, p. 7)

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks.

“Some companies will be tempted to copy without adequate thought the design of companies that somehow keep popping up in the media promoted as sustainability vanguards. Even less appropriate is to radically disrupt an organization in a knee-jerk response to a sudden stakeholder incident. Do with sustainability as you would with any other function.” (Vantrappen and Wagemans, 2022, p. 9)

Vantrappen, H., & Wagemans, M. (2022). How to design an organization to enable the implementation of the company’s sustainability agenda. Strategy & Leadership, ahead-of-print.