Vaimse tervise küsimused on küll “pildile” tõusmas, kuid minuni jõudvates organisatsiooni ja haridusvaldkonna praktikates ikka veel üsna alahinnatud ning pigem kuulub ülemuste-ametnike retoorikasse, kuid praktikatesse jõudmine võtab veel aega. Siinviidatu leidis oma koha just põhjusel, et haridusvaldkond on üks neid igapäevaelu valdkondi, mis mõjutab paljude elukäiku ning võib olla ebaproportsionaalselt suurte pingete allikaks, kuid pakkuda ka abikätt. Just nagu siinviidatud tekst.


Suicide is a major global public health issue, being the cause of an estimated 800,000 deaths each year [1]. Suicide has significant adverse effects on an individual’s social networks, friends and family, with bereavement due to suicide associated with a number of negative health and psychological outcomes [2]. Among individuals aged 15–29 years, suicide is the second leading cause of death [3], with tertiary students being disproportionately represented [4,5].

Õppurite kaasamisel on mitmeid takistusi, mida nt MOOC-tüüpi kursused aitaks ehk ületada:

Tertiary students can be difficult to engage in suicide prevention programs given that this population is frequently time poor and financially insecure [13].

Autorite eesmärk:

To address the need for effective, accessible suicide prevention interventions for tertiary students, this protocol first aims to evaluate the impact of an online suicide prevention and mental health education program on tertiary students ability to recognise and respond to a suicidal crisis (prevention via intervening).

Räägi minuga …

Findings from this study will provide information about the efficacy and impact of the “Talk-to-Me” MOOC, with the potential to improve future suicide prevention and mental health education programs for tertiary education students, as well as presenting novel ways of evaluating such programs. The “Talk-to-Me” MOOC has a number of advantages. Its approach to suicide prevention aims to both upskill students to communicate, engage and refer others who are in crisis with mental health or suicide in an appropriate manner and develop an awareness and understanding of their own mental health. […] Unlike many other suicide prevention programs, which engage with gatekeepers, such as university staff or residential advisors, the “Talk-to-Me” MOOC directly engages students to increase their skills. […] Importantly, the “Talk-to-Me” MOOC program is designed to be accessed when a person is not experiencing a crisis.

Milbourn, B., Black, M. H., Afsharnejad, B., Snyman, Z., Baker-Young, E., Thompson, C., … & Girdler, S. (2022). The “Talk-to-Me” MOOC intervention for suicide prevention and mental health education among tertiary students: Protocol of a multi-site cross-over randomised controlled trialContemporary Clinical Trials112, 106645.