Siinviidatu võib olla oluline neile, kes soovivad avaliku juhtimise valdkonnas uurimustöid teha ning publitseerimiseni jõuda. Ja ka neile, kes ei ole tingimata huvitatud avaldamisest “tippajakirjades”. Mitme ajakirja toimetajad on võtnud nõuks arvata, missugused arengud on avaliku sektori uurimistöödes oodatud. Kuna toimetajatel on sisuliselt piiramatu võim tekstide vastuvõtmise-tagasilükkamise otsustamisel ainuüksi editorial-screening faasis, siis siinviidatus peituvad mõtted võivad aidata aega ja närvikulu kokku hoida.

Lisaks võib tekst huvi pakkuda neile, keda huvitab kirjatööde stiil ja toonikujunduse elemendid. Aga ka neile, kes sirvivad või on sügavamalt sees kriitilise teooria valdkonnas. Üsna mitmest perspektiivist tundub siinviidatu mitmeid praktikaid põlistav aga ka mitmeid praktikaid lausa eirav. Huvitav lugemine väga paljudele.

Avaliku juhtimise kujunemisloost:

The role of public administration emerged with the development of the first formal governments. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs deployed servants to do their bidding and tax collectors to find and manage the flow of resources (El Baradei, 2021; Ferlie, Lynn, & Pollitt, 2005). The first concerted effort to improve public management practices occurred in China during the second century BC.

Kes domineerib?

Despite the richness of these discourses, the debate has generally been dominated by U.S. scholars, and public administration has been defined in the image of Anglo-American traditions (Dreschler, 2015; O’Flynn, 2021; O’Flynn, forthcoming).

Valgustatud …

As editors of some of the leading journals in the field, we believe we are in a unique position to provide insight in discussions of the status of the field and its direction. As editors, we are stewards of the journals we serve and their history, but we are also archivists of the discipline.

Mõned vihjed trendidest:

For public administration, the rise in methodological pluralism, or what some call a mixedmethods approach, is incredibly important. Many of the challenges that our field and public organizations face do not have ready-made data. […] In addition to our methodological growth, the field has also grown in its openness to interdisciplinarity.

Toimetajate uskumused … (määravad avaldamisvõimalused)

Thanks to these developments, we have reached the point where comparative work increasingly populates our literature. We believe that comparative work is essential, because the trials of one community are likely to be similar to those of another. Comparative studies in public administration allow us to learn from the experiences of others and improve outcomes for everyone.

Neile, kes huvitet publitseerimisest:

As we acknowledged previously, we are excited to see the field move toward becoming a science. We support and encourage this move. However, we believe consideration should be given towards the implications pertaining to practitioner engagement (see Schowerer, Keppeler, Mussagulova, & Puello, 2022). […] As editors, we are excited to see the field’s advancement and enjoy being able to facilitate the dialogue that the research creates. We have seen changes in how scholars work on papers, moving from the silos of our offices to networks and communities across universities and countries.

McDonald III, B. D., Hall, J. L., O’Flynn, J., & van Thiel, S. The Future of Public Administration Research: An Editor’s PerspectivePublic Administration.