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Meetings are an integral part of the daily workplace experience (Allen, Lehmann-Willenbrock, & Rogelberg, 2015a; Rogelberg, 2006), as human processes socially constructed by managers, facilitators and participants (Scott, Allen, Rogelberg, & Kello, 2015). […] Nonetheless, whether the intended purpose of a meeting has been accomplished or not may not always be clear and is often highly subjective, as it depends on how each stakeholder has constructed the purpose of that meeting.

Autorite ambitsioon:

This article empirically brings to the fore this unnoticed variable in the meeting science, to step forward into developing the understanding of meeting-related organizational dynamics.

Kaks uurimisküsimust:

First, to what extent does the purpose of a meeting, as perceived by the participants, differ from the purpose stated in the meeting announcement? Second, do the internal-external nature of the meeting and the culture of the country where the meeting is held influence participants’ perceptions of a meeting’s purpose?

Nõupidamised … nii erinevad

studies in anthropology, sociology, as well as organizational, political and communication sciences have shown that meetings can have a variety of explicit and tacit purposes.

Nõupidamiste tähendus siinses artiklis:

our research recognizes that meetings are socially constructed processes and that, as such, they are assumed to be complex, polyhedral and polyphonic.

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

This article uses a novel methodology, with a focus on systems thinking, to make a novel contribution to the study of meetings, and we conclude that the complexity of the meeting purpose is related not only to its polyphonic, but also to its processual, nature.

López-Fresno, P., & Cascón-Pereira, R. (2021). What is the Purpose of this Meeting? The hidden meanings of the meeting announcement. Organization Studies. https://doi.org/10.1177/01708406211040216