Kas ei oleks tore, kui kogu aeg oleks tore? Kui kõik inimesed püüdleksid moraalse ja voorusliku elu poole? Tundub tõesti kaunis, kuid sinnamaani, kui mõistame, et toredus, moraalsed väärtused ja vooruslik elu võivad olla igaühele erinevad.

Autori huvi:

I want to inquire what remains of virtue ethics in modern times and ponder if the perspective of the good life can be imposed on everybody almost like a moral imperative.

Vaated, vaated, …

While the self-realization of each is commendable, in contemporary plural and polarized societies, no particular version of authenticity can aspire to universality. The attempt to impose one’s vision of the good life to all leads, in good times, to benevolent paternalism or, in bad times, to authoritarian populism (tyranny of the majority).

Väga kasulik eristus:

Social scientists have a fixation on the social. Even when they focus on the individual, they privilege the social. Unlike psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists do not separate the individual from the social. Nor do they separate the social from the individual.

Pöörded eetikas:

Within the social sciences, we have recently noted a resurgent interest in moral sociology (e.g. Hitlin and Vaissey 2010) and moral anthropology (e.g. Fassin 2012). The sources for this renewed interest in ethics and morality are varied, but within the field of social theory, we can distinguish at least four currents that are consonant with the ethical turn: German critical theory (Habermas, Honneth, Forst), French pragmatism (Boltanski, Th´evenot, Heinich), British critical realism (Bhaskar, Archer, Sayer) and American communitarianism (MacIntyre, Taylor, Walzer).

Moraalifilosoofia ja moraalisotsioloogia taasühendamine:

Reconnecting moral philosophy and moral sociology to critical theory and critical realism, we should perhaps try out a negative formulation. If sociologists cannot stipulate for others how they should live, they can nevertheless do two things: uncover structural injustices and social pathologies on the one hand (left hand?) and point to the dangers of authoritarian attempts that impose their vision of the good life on all on the other hand (right hand?)

Vandenberghe, F. (2021). What’s good about the good life? Action theory, virtue ethics and modern morality. Philosophy & Social Criticism, 47(7), 814–830. https://doi.org/10.1177/0191453720948372