Loeng kui õpetamise meetod viitab efektiivsusele: “From such a standpoint lecturing is seen as a passive teaching method, which goes counter to what we know about the best ways people learn under natural conditions. Therefore, it needs to be abandoned: it is an antiquated method, which is not engaging the minds of students and which is not meeting their needs”.
Loeng kui meetod sobib hästi teatud tingimustel ja olukordadeks, kuid kui mõista haridust kui õppimist millegi kohta, siis jääb see perspektiiv hätta.
Loeng kui vorm tähendab eeskätt õppimist millegi kohta, st midagi selgeks õppida ei ole võimalik; targaks ei ole võimalik saada, on võimalik saada targemaks. “lecturing is a form that makes people gather around something that appears as a common concern, in a way that allows the gathered to take a closer look, investigate, formulate suppositions about it, share and discuss their standpoints, etc. This is, those gathered around this thing study this thing.”

Olen neid küsimusi puudutanud ka siin lühikursusel.

Joris Vlieghe & Piotr Zamojski (2020): Entering the world with notes: Reclaiming the practices of lecturing and note making, Educational Philosophy and Theory, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2020.1743271