Kuulsuste rolli olulisuses avaliku arvamuse kujundamisel ei ole põhjust kahelda. Aga kuidas sellest mõelda nii, et sellest organisatsioonidele võiks kasu tõusta, sellest väga palju lugeda ei ole võimalik. Sestap siinviidatu oma koha leidiski. Lisaks on näide seotud veel ühe siinse lehe peateemaga: kestliku arenguga.

Artikkel on vabalevis ja pikki kommentaare ei vaja.


Celebrities are a central tool in the promotion of companies, brands and causes (Richey and Ponte, 2011; Turner, 2013). Celebrities are often defined by the degree of media attention they receive which enables these individuals an elevated voice in public debate and, thus, an ability to shape public opinion (Abidin et al., 2020).

Juhtimise valdkond ja kuuldused:

Within the field of management and organization studies, the emphasis on celebrity has focused primarily on firms (Kjærgaard et al., 2011; Rindova et al., 2006) and CEOs (Adamson and Kelan, 2019; Guthey and Jackson, 2005).

Näiteks kliimamuutuste küsimus ja kuulsused:

While celebrity involvement in politics is not new, there is a growing diversity of celebrities within the public debate over climate change – including actors, musicians, entertainers, politicians, businesspeople, and religious leaders (Abidin et al., 2020; Anderson, 2011).

Teoreetiline perspektiiv:

A particularly fruitful avenue in exploring the role of celebrities in public disputes is Boltanski and Thévenot’s (2006) pragmatic sociology. […] Moreover, the framework highlights ‘fame’ as a defensible worth that people refer to in their everyday life.


What are the different roles of celebrities in public disputes and how are their claims evaluated?

Kuulsustest aktivistide tüpoloogia:

Considering the background of the celebrity suggests that there are, at least, two different types of celebrity activists within the environmental movement: i) those that are already recognized in popular culture and employ their fame to promote environmental issues, and ii) those with a background in the natural environment that engage with popular culture to advance the cause (see also Street, 2004).

Vihjed lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

Our analysis shows that in the public dispute over the GBR, celebrities had three overlapping but distinguishable roles in relation to reality and existential tests. First, as popularizers, celebrities added their popularity and public recognition as a worth to the environmental cause. […] Second, celebrities acted as authorities in testing reality against the worth of a world in which they were qualified subjects. […] The third role of celebrities in our case – visionaries – gained audiences in expressing the injustices of the situation.

… ja organisatsioonidele:

Our research suggests that while celebrity endorsement can be a powerful medium in popularizing organizational initiatives, of far greater likely impact are celebrities which can either utilize a source of domain expertise as authorities from relevant worlds, or else express genuine, personal experiences as a form of more fundamental existential critique.

Wright, C., & Nyberg, D. (2022) The roles of celebrities in public disputes: Climate change and the Great Barrier Reef. Journal of Management Studies.