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As the RRBM movement acknowledges, calls for management scholars to produce more impactful research by addressing problems that distress people, businesses, society, and even the environment are not at all new (Forscher, 1963; Hambrick, 1994; Tushman and O’Reilly, 2007). […] I’d add that the job of science is to ameliorate the world, and that when scholars advance science, for example by developing knowledge and theories that reveal, explain, and predict the consequences of choices and action, they better the world.

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To recap, our research should make the world a better place, and according to the RRBM movement, doing so requires scholars to use scientific principles to address problems significant to both business and society.


Because scientific research is cumulative, and knowledge becomes reliable only through the accumulation and integration of scores of studies (a.k.a. a body of knowledge), using societal impact to adjudicate whether a single study is ‘responsible’ or ‘irresponsible’ can be irresponsible. […] For ease, the RRBM movement defines responsible research as any scientific work that produces credible knowledge with direct or indirect usefulness for addressing problems significant to both business and society (Co-founders of RRBM, 2017, revised 2020).


A second interference that the RRBM movement faces is the focus on individual studies, but scholarly research is disjecta membra or scattered fragments and disjointed insights that become trustworthy only as a body of coherent and reliable knowledge. […] However, the movement should acknowledge a bit better that because research is cumulative and single studies might take time to reveal their utility, societal impact should not be a main or only body to adjudicate between ‘responsible’ and ‘irresponsible’ research.

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We can agree that management scholars should make the world a better place, but when they publish their empirical and conceptual studies in academic journals, they must abide by scientific principles.

Markman, G. D. (2022) Will your study make the world a better place?. Journal of Management Studies.