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This age of austerity has accelerate changes that began during the 1980s, when neoliberalism became the beacon in public policy and changed the role of government in society. Public sector governance, including the content and management of public policy, transformed from public administration to new public management, with the latter characterised by its key principles of managerialism and marketisation.

Eetika ja väärtuste juurde:

Alongside this situation, a political crisis has emerged, visible in the continued lack of trust in traditional political institutions (Jennings et al., 2017). In this context, as Fenwick (2018) anticipated, it is important to revisit the ethical underpinnings of the profession and the curriculum in public administration programmes.

Artikli eesmärk:

this paper explores the role of ethics in the teaching and practice of public service professionals.

Kuidas eetikat õpetada? Muuhulgas selline vihje:

Thus, the teaching of public ethics (Ongaro, 2019) from a philosophical standpoint (ethical positions, conceptions of the individual and society, public ethics and public values) is worth considering.

Vihje kokkuvõttest:

the article has shown that in the UK context ethics modules are not a common feature of undergraduate programmes. Furthermore, the civil service code and the policy profession board do not mention ethics directly. Instead, technical rationality has been the heralded norm in the profession.

Fuertes, V. (2021). The rationale for embedding ethics and public value in public administration programmes. Teaching Public Administration.