Mis on kontraproduktiivne (CWB) käitumine:

CWBs refer to employees’ voluntary behaviors that harm the interests of an organization and/or its stakeholders and include acts such as sabotage, verbal abuse, refusing to cooperate, withdrawal, and theft (Marcus et al., 2016; Penney & Spector, 2005).

Mis mõjutavad kontraproduktiivset käitumist? Siin artiklis küsitakse:

this study identifies and distinguishes four sources of antecedents (i.e., supervisors, organizations, coworkers, and private life).

Miks-küsimusele ei ole lihtne vastata. Siinne fookus:

we draw upon the Conservation of Resources Theory (COR the- ory) to first describe how each of the four proposed sources of antecedents relate to CWB. […] in our analysis, we distinguish and compare the relationships between unfavorable and favorable antecedents and employee CWB to investigate whether unfavorable antecedents will have stronger relationships with employee CWB than favorable antecedents do.

Mõned praktilised järeldused:

As supervisor- and organization-related factors relate to CWB more strongly than coworker and private life-related factors, companies may consider prioritizing the implementation of initiatives aimed at enhancing leadership and organizational conduct. […] organizations need to be conscious about building a positive and caring corporate culture by ensuring that the workplace promotes supportive and ethical conduct

Liao, E. Y., Wang, A. Y., & Zhang, C. Q. (2021). Who influences employees’ dark side: A multi-foci meta-analysis of counterproductive workplace behaviors. Organizational Psychology Review, 11(2), 97–143. https://doi.org/10.1177/2041386620962554