Kanepi legaliseerimise küsimused – omamine, tarvitamine, jms – ei ole midagi kauget ja võõrast, vaid puudutavad ka Eesti inimesi. Siinviidatu on siiski uuring Colorado politsei arvamustest kanepi legaliseerimisest. Tekst võib huvi pakkuda avarale lugejaskonnale alates politseinikest ja poliitikakujundajatest kuni lastevanemate ja õpetajateni.


“During the eight years since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, there has been a dearth in the literature that assesses the perceptions of police officers on the impact of marijuana legalization. While there have been studies on police perceptions regarding use of force (Phillips & Sobol, 2011), community policing (Stein & Griffith, 2015), human trafficking (Farrell et al., 2015), and even the impact of broadband technology (Carter & Grommon, 2017), very little has been done to assess police perceptions of marijuana legalization.” (Iannacchione and Ward, 2022, p. 1)


“Has legalization of recreational marijuana affected law enforcement duties between police department types? • What factors influence officer’s perceptions of the impact marijuana legalization has had on enforcement?” (Iannacchione and Ward, 2022, p. 2)


“While medical marijuana was legal in Colorado since 2000 with the passing of Amendment 20, it was not until 2012 when recreational marijuana was legalized. “An Act to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol,” or Amendment 64, which passes with 55% of the vote, removed all criminal penalties for those who possessed less than one ounce of the substance (Blake & Finlaw, 2014; Kamin, 2013). In addition, it permitted individuals to cultivate no more than six plants.” (Iannacchione and Ward, 2022, p. 2)

Legaliseerimise üks (kaudne) eesmärk ei täitunud soovitult:

“Finally, one thing that all officers agreed on was that the illegal marijuana market has not gone away.” (Iannacchione and Ward, 2022, p. 13)

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

“Overall, this study is the first to examine the opinion of different types of police department – sheriffs, municipal, and university. Sheriff’s department officers found scored highest on the impact of enforcement scale while accounting for gender, race, time in service, location, and whether dispensaries operate in their jurisdiction.” (Iannacchione and Ward, 2022, p. 14)

Iannacchione, B., & Ward, K. C. (2022). The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Police in Colorado. Criminal Justice Review, 1–17. https://doi.org/10.1177/07340168221124454