Juhtimise-organisatsioonide hindamiseks adekvaatse mudeli või mõtteviiside üle on arutatud mitmel pool ning juba mõnda aega ja selle vajalikkus ei ole küsimärgi all. Siinviidatud artikkel on aga väga oluline samm edasi juba põhjusel, et püüab sõnastada-näidata XX ja XXI juhtimispraktikate erisusi.

Organisatsioonide eesmärgid XX ja XXI sajandil:

In one – the predominant mode of 20th Century management refined over the last 50 years – the goal of the firm is to make money for the firm and maximize shareholder value. […] By contrast, for 21st Century management – the pioneering mode of Agile enterprises and of leading Silicon Valley firms, as well as individual businesses in Europe and China – the goal of the firm is very different: to create customers.

Kokkuvõttes märgib autor muuhulgas:

As the Agile transformation journey continues, the nature of the journey itself will continue to evolve. 21st Century thinking itself – the explicit principles and processes – which were a support in the early stages of the journey, may need updating. The mindset itself must remain fluid, malleable and continuously adaptable and innovative.

Denning, S. (2021). A powerful diagnostic tool for 21st Century management. Strategy & Leadership.