Digitehnoloogia kasutamine juhtimises on vist igapäevane. Küll aga jääb üldiselt organisatsioonide käitumist jälgides mulje, et tegu on pigem vahendiga asjaajamise korraldamisel ja andmeanalüüsil-kogumisel. Ja see on vist samuti hästi. Vähem on märgata digivahendite kasutamist nt kestliku arengu või mõttekaaslaseks olemise aspektist. AI kasutamine organisatsioonides otsustamisel, ei ole vist paljude organisatsioonide igapäevakasutusse jõudnud ning sestap siinviidatu oma koha leidiski.


There are increasing demands and studies on digital technologies, big data analytics, business analytic skills and their associations with business, management, organizations’ dynamic capabilities and performance. […] While digital transformation brings opportunities for business excellence, there is a need for the systematic integrations between digital technology, information and strategic decision-making to address business challenges and market demand.

Teadmiste visualiseerimisest:

Knowledge visualization and representations of information are necessary dimensions supporting knowledge management and decision-making […] Information visualization can be regarded as a way to create an appropriate visual representation by transforming raw data and information into accessible forms of representations to extract knowledge to viewers, while the importance of applying graphics, diagrams, charts and maps captured in real-time was highlighted […] the growing relevance of knowledge visualization in supporting strategic management decision also calls for a more in-depth investigation of the approaches, models, processes and tools supporting the creation, representation and integration of knowledge at the core of organizational value creation and the business decision-making process (Platts and Tan, 2004).

Autorite ambitsioon:

To add a new perspective and practical methodologies for knowledge visualization and to enhance a company’s strategic planning capabilities across businesses, a strategic digital twin management decision system (SDMDS) is proposed in this study, with the major characters of the knowledge-based visualized modelling architecture and information technology (IT)-enabled real-time data analysis for dynamic scenarios. It provides a holistic view of a constant and frequent adjustment on every decision affecting the business performance over strategic timescales.

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

This paper explains the visualization process of data, information and behaviours in dynamic business development processes.

Yan, M. R., Hong, L. Y., & Warren, K. (2021). Integrated knowledge visualization and the enterprise digital twin system for supporting strategic management decision. Management Decision.