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method, which has gained considerable attention, is the multiple systems estimation (MSE). Studies using MSE on trafficking victim data have been conducted in five European countries (Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ireland, The Netherlands) besides the UK, in Australia, and in some cities in the USA (three regional studies).

Autorite suur eesmärk:

Our ultimate aim is to provide guidance for those interested in applying MSE in the field of human trafficking concerning the type of data needed for such undertaking.

So, what? – küsimus:

As the key indicator to monitor the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16.2.2 (eliminating human trafficking by 2030), the United Nations Statistical Commission’s Interagency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) recommends identifying: “Number of victims of human trafficking per 100,000 population, by sex, age, and form of exploitation.” This recommendation raises the methodological challenge of how numbers of trafficking in human beings (THB) victims can best be measured.

Oi kui valus …, kuigi mitte üllatav:

There are many reasons to assume these official figures underreport the extent of the problem because large proportions of cases remain undetected.

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When compared with recorded victim numbers, MSEs can also provide a roadmap for critical victim populations that are not being found within current processes, especially when covariate information is incorporated into our analyses.

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The prospect for wider and more frequent use of MSE in human trafficking research remains favorable, because more countries fully adopt the Palermo definition in their national legislation and criminal policies. Moreover, anti-trafficking policies have become more victim-focused, and provisions for victims and referral systems are expanding worldwide.

Durgana, D., & van Dijk, J. (2021). Measuring the hidden numbers of human trafficking through multiple systems estimation: Lessons learned and challenges outstanding. Crime & Delinquency, 0011128720987197.