Paljud on veendumusel, et võimule tõe rääkimisel ei ole mingit mõtet ainuüksi põhjusel, et enamasti teavad võimulolijad tõde isegi. Nendele selle ülerääkimine viib vaid konflikti. Siinviidatu on kasulik neile, kes huvitet nii “maailma muutmisest” kui ka näiteks teaduse populariseerimisest. Ja neile, keda kannustavad tuntud inimesed ja mõjukad “asjad”, siis esimene autor on organisatsiooni- ja võimu-valdkonna esimese suurusjärgu teadlane ning ajakiri on omas valdkonnas teadusbürokraatia tabelite tipus.

Narri tähendus siinses tekstis:

We define the jester as a role that reveals organizationally uncomfortable truths through tease, irony and foolery, articulating what wiser counsel might think is ‘unspeakable’, thus challenging taboos ‘without risking expulsion or social isolation’ (Joost Beuving, 2017: 354). […] The outcome of jesting is itself paradoxical: being ridiculous and tragic, wise and a fool, mocking and loyal.

Juhtimisvaldkonna teadlaste väljakutsed:

Academics in management face many sources of interpretation for which they cannot legislate the sense that is made by their audiences of executives and managers, students and others. When the messages are critical or questioning of practices taken for granted, there are various strategies with which to assert the power of their reason.

Võimalus õppimiseks:

The jester provides a productive metaphor useful in identifying different forms of paradox and considering how they may be treated and with what effect. Teaching and learning through provocation, exaggeration, irritation and humour can be instrumental in revealing and coping with the paradoxes of organizing

Narri neli rolli õppimisel juhtimisvaldkonnas:

Gadfly: Bringing change through irritation […] Ludic intertextualists: Combining participation and ‘playful’ reflection […] Consigliere: Serious jesting […] Questioning management learning through jesting

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

with the literary philosopher Bakhtin (1965), we see laughter and ridicule function as a challenge to the (sometimes stupid) seriousness attributed to authority and power. Laughter can free earnest illusion, something we should understand as, with Kellaway (2017: 12), we encounter the bullshit so often practised by management, ‘usually of a puffed-up variety that pretends to be something it is not. Sharp eyes will spot at once the difficulty in applying this to corporate life — almost everything fits the description’.

Clegg, S., Cunha, M. P. e, Rego, A., & Berti, M. (2021). Speaking truth to power: The academic as jester stimulating management learning. Management Learning.