Haridusvaldkonna roll ühiskonnaelu kujundamisel on üks kesksemaid ning selle üle suurt vaidlust ilmselt ei ole. Küll aga on haridusasutused mitte eraldiseisvad, vaid kantud ja osa üldisematest süsteemidest ja allsüsteemidest. Igal juhul on paljud haridusasutused teisenenud pigem mõõdikutest kantud ametiasutusteks. Siinviidatu on üks kasulik vabalevis olev tekst haridusvaldkonnas levinud ja mõnel pool etableerunud mõttekäikude kõrvale.


How they become non-student and nonteacher, and get hold on themselves as student-teacher and teacher-student and become able to learn again. And, not least how they set in motion success and non-success in an educational event.

Kas olemine määrab teadmise või teadmine olemise?

Often, we are preoccupied with knowledge and facts expressed as models and methods of teaching, and we tend to discuss educational content and practices through evidence-based research (see e.g., Darling-Hammond et al., 2020; Davies, 1999; Jin and Jun, 2013).

Piiridest, väga valusalt …

This is also what this paper is about. Acknowledgment of the existence of more knowledges than the established ones.

Artikli väide:

Taking this concern seriously, I argue in this paper that we perhaps need to (re)think official educational organization on the line provided by the swimming instructor, and hence to figure out what nomadic swimming training may do to the style of organization. It is about collaborative teaching-learning situations where various predefined knowledge and novel knowledge affect each other and produce results we cannot be sure of in advance.

Relatsiooniline suhe:

Important to note, though, is that smooth spaces and striated spaces exist only in relation to each other. Smooth spaces are incessantly being translated into spaces of striation, and spaces of striations are incessantly being reversed to a smooth space.

Keerukad protsessid lihtsates küsimustes:

For instance, when the swimming instructor tells Amira to act like she is sleeping, Amira’s response does not echo that of the swimming instructor’s instruction. Rather she is doing her best to keep her head up and avoid to get water in the ears.

Lugemishuvi suurendamiseks:

And, this is not a request for some holistic approach to thinking, or active inclusion in ready-made educational processes. Rather, it is about taking people’s concerns seriously and pay attention to what is emerging in the moment. And, what feels important.

Andersson, Å., Korp, P., & Reinertsen, A. B. (2022). Re-thinking official educational organization towards friction-zones between divergent knowledgesPolicy Futures in Education, 14782103221089466.