Tsentraliseerimise-detsentraliseerimise dilemma organisatsioonidisainis on lõputu ning dekontsentreeritus on siin täiesti eraldi aspekt. Probleemid aga võivad tekkida siis, kui detsentraliseemise-dekontsentreerimise vahekordi ja võimalusi ei mõista.

In this essay, I explain how our poor understanding of decentralization fuels the risk of such dystopian oligopoly formation and why extant regulations that wave the threat of corporate breakup (e.g. of Google LLC) are unlikely to help. Looking across a wide range of digital platforms, from Bitcoin to facebook.com, I argue that prior accounts that viewed the ‘distributed’ and the ‘centralized’ as polar opposites (Baran, 1964; de Reuver, Sørensen, & Basole, 2018; Tilson, Lyytinen, & Sørensen, 2010) are insufficient to describe the multidimensional diversity of platform designs in existence.

Decentralization may have become a corporate cool factor associated with innovativeness or nimbleness; however, it remains unclear what decentralization really entails as a design feature of organizations.

Vergne, J. (2021). Decentralized vs. Distributed Organization: Blockchain, Machine Learning and the Future of the Digital Platform. Organization Theory. https://doi.org/10.1177/2631787720977052