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The rationale behind the need for public administration training is simple; communities want to build a workforce of qualified and competent public servants who possess the critical knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to perform their job effectively and deliver quality public service. […] As the law enforcement profession faces greater complexity of societal problems and increased demands for scrutiny, robust training that develops and enhances the competence and skills of future police officers is more important than ever (Hartley et al., 2017).

Autor seab eesmärgiks:

This study addresses the critical need for incorporating public administration training in law enforcement basic training. It calls into question whether basic police academies utilize curricula that reflect the contemporary challenges of modern policing today and prepare future police officers to become not only police officers but also competent and skilled SLBs who can provide an effective and impartial service to their increasingly diverse communities.

Politseikoolitus ja politsei roll ühiskonnas … ei kõnni alati ühte sammu:

However, the general lack of congruence between police training and the police role has been consistently criticized over the years by both government leaders and academics (e.g., Blumberg et al., 2019; Bradford & Pynes, 1999; Cummings et al., 1964; Marion, 1998; McLaughlin & Donahue, 1995; Meadows, 1987; Ness, 1991). Specifically, they argue that the pressure to meet arbitrary state standards is driving police agencies to focus their curricula on the technical dimensions of police work such as defensive tactics, firearms protocols, criminal law, and administrative procedures (Chan et al., 2003; D. White, 2006) while overlooking the broader attitudinal and ethical dimensions of the job (Gregory, 2000).

Üks levinud tervitus politseikooli lõpetajatele vanadelt politseihuntidelt:

Conventional wisdom within the law enforcement subculture is that the first thing a “rookie” needs to do once graduating from the academy is to forget everything they learned there!

Ja lõpetuseks siis mõned autori tõdemused (NB! Need tõdemused tõukuvad USA ehk ühe arenenuma politseikoolituse süsteemi ja viljakama teaduspublikatsioonidega riigi 50 politseiõppeasutuse analüüsist):

With an average of only 3.21% of basic curricula explicitly dedicated to public administration content, the findings of this study suggest that states have still not made real progress in repairing the disconnect between basic academy curricula and the modern, evolving reality of police work. Perhaps, as White (2006) well states, “we get exactly the police officers we ask for, and they behave in just the way they have been trained” (p. 397).

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Cohen, G. (2021). Public Administration Training in Basic Police Academies: A 50-State Comparative Analysis. The American Review of Public Administration. https://doi.org/10.1177/0275074021999872