Tegelikult on artikli pealkiri tõlkimatu – Making Public Administration great again. Tegelikult küll, selle tõlkimine vähendab pealkirja laetust. Tegelikule leidis siinviidatud vabalevis olev tekst siiski koha artikli sisu tõttu. Avalik juhtimine on juhtimises siiski aukartustäratava ajaloo ja sisuga.


“Under the name of “Positive” Public Administration (PPA), this call seems to gain traction. Moving away from “failures” and “crisis” and turning our attention to positive thinking about policy and administration, PPA does not stand on its own. In several branches of Public Administration (PA)1 and policy sciences, positive approaches can be observed.” (Ostaijen and Jhagroe, 2022, p. 261)

Positiivne avalik juhtimine:

“In a similar vein, PPA scholars aim to “understand positive outcomes and how they may arise.” With an appeal to notions of “positive” and “positivity,” scholars state that research on “public programs ( … ) thrive, embody and protect important democratic values and produce widely valued societal outcomes. It means a ‘focus’ on positive contributions of governments and governance” (Douglas et al. 2019,3–6).” (Ostaijen and Jhagroe, 2022, p. 262)


“Historically, the domain of “administration” was conceptualized as a rationalized contradiction to politics, intended to be value-neutral, and scientifically based, with bureaucracies as its primary organizational structures (Overeem 2005). Administration became a technocratic and scientific instrument of “neutral” and apolitical state formation (see also Overeem 2005, 2008).” (Ostaijen and Jhagroe, 2022, p. 264)

Pööre positiivsuse suunas:

“The turn to “positivity” is a rhetorical move away from a “focus on the dark side of government and governance” (Douglas et al. 2019, 3). We need to avoid “stinging criticism of government” because – so goes the argument –“negative language dominates” (Compton and ’t Hart, 2019, 2).” (Ostaijen and Jhagroe, 2022, p. 268) […] “Moreover, and slightly different than positive psychology, the turn to “positivity” in PA research is particularly problematic in a democratic sense when it comes to the practice of policymaking.” (Ostaijen and Jhagroe, 2022, p. 270)

van Ostaijen, M., & Jhagroe, S. (2022). Making Public Administration great again. Policy Design and Practice, 5(3), 261–275. https://doi.org/10.1080/25741292.2022.2101258