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Kontekstist krüptiliselt:

One of the reasons for the importance of ethical behavior in the public sector is its implications for the quality of governance and the level of corruption.

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In contrast to most studies of this topic, we posit that public sector honesty is primarily determined by societal culture – the set of ideas, attitudes, beliefs and norms in the general society (Guiso et al. 2015, Simpser 2020). However, the level of honest behavior among public sector workers is also affect by public sector culture – a collective norm regarding the role of the public sector in a given society – which is reflected by systematic differences in honesty behavior between the public and private sectors.

Vihje teksti kvaliteedist:

despite the normative and practical reasons for placing a premium on the ethical standards of public-sector workers, our results fail to support the proposition that enhanced honest behavior is a fundamental characteristic of public sectors workers. Rather, the emphasis assigned to honesty of public sector workers within each country is locally determined by the prevailing public sector culture.

Sulitzeanu-Kenan, R., Tepe, M., & Yair, O. (2021). Public sector honesty and corruption: Field evidence from 40 countries. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.