Strateegiline juhtimine ja strateegiad on igapäevaretoorikas juurdunud, kuid sageli jääb mulje, et tegemist on tühja tähistajaga, st tähistajaga ilma tähistatavata. Siinviidatud vabalevis olev tekst võiks huvi pakkuda paljudele, sest bibliograafiline analüüs võimaldab saada kiire ülevaate valdkondlikest arengutest teatud aspektides.


By means of a proper knowledge structure, with distinctive and identifiable ways of diffusion and influence, knowledge in strategic management research has flourished, as well as the globalization of management education (Bruner & Iannarelli, 2011). Yet, based on the similar demands of scientific rigor and practical utility that build strategic management research, this considerable progress may impose directional and development trends on knowledge production over time (Bruner & Iannarelli, 2011).

Autorid selgitavad ambitsioone:

With regard to the aforementioned, this research henceforth seeks to explore whether the unlimited flow of knowledge, and the globalization of education & research in strategic management, has driven away (or deterred) the identification and specific interest of research in phenomena of local importance.

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Different bibliometric studies have used different levels of analysis in management research. This can be seen from authors (Cancino et al., 2017), Journals (Schriber, 2016; Valenzuela-Fernández et al., 2017), Universities (Andrade-Valbuena et al., 2019) and countries (Valenzuela-Fernández et al., 2018). These analyses help evaluate the influence & relevance of academic products in the scientific community.


Bibliometrics is one of the most widely used quantitative methods that has been used as a technique to comprehensively explain the mobility and interaction of knowledge (Aman, 2018; Zhang et al., 2018). […] Furthermore, bibliometric techniques have become powerful tools that allow for the creation of quantitative and comparative studies in both scientific and technological publications.

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The data clearly demonstrates the leadership of the US during these thirty-five years, as its productivity and number of citations received in each period are outstanding. […] Denmark, China, and the Netherlands have had a growing impact on strategic management research over the time period, raising themselves in the rankings over the seven quinquennials not only in their H-index, but also in the increasing number of Papers published and citations received.

Andrade Valbuena, N. A., Valenzuela Fernández, L., & Merigó, J. M. (2022). Thirty-five years of strategic management research. A country analysis using bibliometric techniques for the 1987-2021 period.